12L Dehumidifier
12L Dehumidifier
12L Dehumidifier
12L Dehumidifier

12L Dehumidifier


Regular price $449.99

Say no to moisture with this 12L dehumidifier. Adjust the humidity level with its easy to use electronic controls and its automatic shut off feature will switch it off when you reach your desired humidity. It comes with a 2.5L water tank and operates in a range of 5-35 degrees. Choose to set the timer function for flexible use and manoveure around the house easily with its included wheels.

Great for Medium Rooms


Working Range of 5-35°C

Perfect for New Zealand conditions

2.5L Water Tank

Removable for ease of use

Electronic Controls

Modern design and easy to use

Automatic Shut-Off & Defrost

Prevent the device from becoming too cold

Adjustable Humidistat

Easily maintain your desired humidity

Timer Function

Preset a desired time for your dehumidifier to turn off

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