40L Dehumidifier with WiFi
40L Dehumidifier with WiFi
40L Dehumidifier with WiFi

40L Dehumidifier with WiFi


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This dehumidifer has a large capacity at 40L, allowing you to let it do its thing for longer. Its as smart as they come with a built in Smart Humidity Indicator advising you on the room's humidity levels via its LED display. It is WiFi enabled, which allows you to operate the controls via your phone, Amazon Alexa or Google Home devices for flexible use. 

Great for Medium to Large Rooms


Working Range of 5-35°C

Perfect for New Zealand conditions

4.0L Water Tank

Removable for ease of use

Electronic Controls

Modern design and easy to use

Automatic Shut-Off & Defrost

Prevent the device from becoming too cold

Adjustable Humidistat

Easily maintain your desired humidity

Timer Function

Preset a desired time for your dehumidifier to turn off

Wifi & Smart Home Enabled

Control the dehumidifier remotely via the Goldair App or through voice control when linked with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa

Smart Humidity Indicator

Easily identify the room humidity

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