Keep your home dry.

Dehumidifiers are extremely beneficial for use in the New Zealand climate due to our natural high humidity in summer and damp homes in winter. Removing moisture from your home is necessary for both the health and safety of your family and your home, and dehumidifiers are portable and easy to operate.

What do they do?

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Drying a wet carpet

Taking action on a damp carpet is necessary to prevent carpet mould, which can be expensive and unsafe.
Dehumidifiers are a great resource to use if you catch a leak early and act quickly.

Step 1- Find the source

Extreme weather such as flooding can cause one off leak on your carpet, but it is important to be sure of the source to prevent reoccurrence. Once you are sure of how the water got in, pump out excess water or use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner and repair the hole to ensure this does not happen again. 

Step 2- Prepare the room

Water and electricity are not a great mix so you need to make sure the dehumidifier is in a safe area to plug in away from any pools of water and that the wall socket has not gotten wet. 

Step 3- Read your user manual

Your user manual contains the relevant information for functionality of your specific model, which will allow you to choose the best setting for your needs. Usually continuous mode will work the dehumidifier at maximum capaclty without a timer so make sure you are available to turn it off once finished. 

Step 4- Attach a drainage hose

Attaching a drainage hose to a large bucket or container will stop the water tank filling and turning the dehumidifier off, allowing you to keep the device running full time until thoroughly dried. Ensure you monitor the water in the bucket as it will keep filling and overflow if left unattended.

Step 5- Close the doors

Ensure that all doors and windows are closed so you don’t waste time and power dehumidifying the outside air. 

Step 6- Clean

Once you are finished and have packed everything away, have a final check of the room to ensure that nothing was missed. It is really
important that the carpet and underlay is 100% dry as to not encourage mould growth. 

Types of Dehumidifier

There are 2 main types of dehumidifier available in New Zealand- compressor and desiccant.
They use different technologies to achieve the same goal of drying your home. The technology that suits your needs depends on many factors - your location, climate conditions, the size and type of room you will need it for and of course, how damp the room is to begin with.

Desiccant Dehumidifiers

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Features & Benefits

Continuous Drainage

Our range of Goldair dehumidifiers come with water tanks in a range of sizes up to 5L, but some situations might call for attaching a continuous drainage hose. Simply attach a hose to the back of the dehumidifier as per the user manual instructions and insert in to a bucket and you won’t have to worry about emptying the water tank.

Laundry Mode

Dehumidifiers with the laundry mode function can assist with clothes drying inside your room without risk of adding additional moisture. In this mode, the device will reaches its maximum dehumidification and ventilation ability continuously. Ensure the windows and doors are closed for efficiency and that the clothes rack and device are at least 50cm apart.

Wifi Enabled

Some models in our range are Wifi & Smart home enabled, allowing them to be controlled via your mobile phone or Amazon Alexa/ Google Assistant device. Our app mirrors the functionality of
the device itself and has the ability to create favourite settings or set
weekly schedulers.

Need a Hand?

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