2.5L Misting Fan
2.5L Misting Fan
2.5L Misting Fan

2.5L Misting Fan


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These fans are super-efficient and great for those really hot summer days. They work by drawing air over ice or chilled water to provide chilled air to cool your room. They also often include handy features such as multiple speed settings, timers and remotes.

Room Size: Great for Medium to Large Rooms


  • 3 Speed Settings
  • Timer Function
  • Oscillating Louvre
  • Electronic Display
  • Remote Control
  • 1 Year Warranty


Additional Details:

Dimensions: 430 x 860 x 295mm
Weight: 7.4kg
Power Rating: 220-240V
Wattage: 90W


Check out the User Manual for safety, operational and installation instructions.