2000W Ceramic Tower Heater
2000W Ceramic Tower Heater

2000W Ceramic Tower Heater


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 If you've got a medium to large room with not a lot of floor space then a ceramic tower heater will suit you well. A ceramic fan heater has no glowing parts, which means they're pretty safe and efficient. They're handy too, with functions ranging from a thermostat, timer, and oscillation available.

Great for Medium Rooms


3 Heat Settings

Select your level of warmth

Adjustable Thermostat

Easily maintain your desired temperature

Safety Tilt Switch

Operates only in an upright position

Overheat Protection

Turns off if it gets too hot


Warm a wider area

Timer Function

Preset a desired time for your heater to turn off

Electronic Controls

Modern design and easy to use

Remote Control

Control the heater without having to get up

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