Navigating the Goldair App

Experience the coordination and convenience of home automation by turning your space into a smart home. Our complete Smart Wi-Fi range can be paired with our very own Goldair App, and are Amazon Alexa and Google Home compatible, giving you the flexibility to use your phone, or voice to control your new Goldair product(s).

The Goldair App


Download the App

Search and download the 'Goldair' app from the App Store or Google Play on your mobile phone. Click 'GET' to download and install.

Set up the App

Follow the prompts to register your account and pair your device using the instructions in your user manual below.

Choose your Settings

Once paired, play around with the device(s) feature settings to create your perfect comfort.

Click the below link to download the complete instructions and find out how to pair your device with your Amazon Alexa or Google Home!

User Manuals

Each device has different functionality on the Goldair app so for the best experience, please read your WiFi user manual below to learn the full features your device is capable of.