Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic heaters are the most efficient form of fan based portable heating due to their ceramic element technology. The key feature of a ceramic heater is that it has no glowing parts and is therefore safer. Most units feature a thermostat, timer and oscillating function.
Like the small ceramic heater, ceramic tower heaters are an efficient form of portable fan based heating. With their larger heating surface they are also able to heat medium to large size rooms. Most units features a thermostat, timer and oscillation function.
Ceramic Wall heaters are perfect for those rooms where space is limited. Safety is also a big feature for these products as they are mounted high up on the wall, keeping them at a safe distance from younger ones. With Ceramic Wall heaters being mounted on a wall, these also are a perfect choice for the landlord that needs to provide a fixed form of heating. Most units feature a thermostat, timer and remote.