2400W 11 Fin Oil Column Heater with Turbo & Timer


Regular price $399.99 Sale price $249.99

This 2400W Oil Column Heater is ideal for medium rooms in your home. With 3 heat settings and an adjustable thermostat, you can choose your level of comfort. Oil column heaters warm the air via metal fins that have hot oil circulating through them. The large surface area of the fins allows more heat to be transferred to the surrounding air. This model has a 400W independent ceramic fan heater that will get things warming up instantly.

Great for Medium to Large Rooms


3 Heat Settings

Select your level of warmth

Adjustable Thermostat

Easily maintain your desired temperature

Safety Tilt Switch

Operates only in an upright position

Overheat Protection

Turns off if it gets too hot

Carry Handle

Easy to move

Timer Function

Preset a desired time for your heater to turn on and off

Turbo Fan Boost

Get a warm blast of air

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